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Wheelchair Lifts

Nu-Trend offers vertical wheelchair lifts for both indoor, and outdoor applications. Our pricing is competitive with anywhere else, including the internet. We offer hands on service, and we stay with you until your happy. We're proud of our service. We've been serving our neighbors in the Quad Cities, and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We do not believe you should ever consider buying a vertical wheelchair lift on the internet. There are simply too many factors that must be taken into consideration. Gates, ADA code requirements, electrical code and requirements, doorways, available space, concrete pads, flooring, recessed drainage, ramp size, and the list goes on. Planning for your lift installation whether it is enclosed in a shaft or free standing is a task that must be done right or the whole installation is at risk. If your a commercial site you can rest assured the inspector will show up. It's just a matter of time.

We will review your space, ask about your unique personal needs, check the code restrictions from top to bottom, and plan your lift with dimensions. We will not leave your side until your lift is installed, functioning properly, and meets code. After that we will be here for you locally to service the lift for any reason, including regular maintenance. This kind of peace of mind goes along with all of our lift installations, and is something that will never be available via the internet. And one of the most important features of all that we offer is competitive pricing no matter where you look,

Call us today for your free evaluation appointment. (309)797-4647.

Nu-Trend Offers All Of The Following Products For Every Application:

  • Residential Wheelchair Lifts
  • Commercial Wheelchair Lifts
  • Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts
  • Deck Wheelchair Lifts
  • Porch Wheelchair Lifts
  • Enclosed Wheelchair Lifts
  • Inclined Wheelchair Lifts For Stairways