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Gun Safes

The 3 In 1 Safe Room Why do we call it the 3 in 1? Well, it's the only gun safe that also serves as a safe room, and a storm shelter.

Let's talk about using the 3 In 1Safe Room
as a gun safe. The 3 In 1 Safe Room is an innovative, space-saving gun and valuables safe. There is no limit to the number of guns and valuables you can safely store away since it is modular, and is available in any size, and even has a corner model. There is a handy keypad as well as a combination dial on the front door, making it easier for the ladies to quickly get in during an emergency. Each safe is constructed with panels that feature dozens of steel bolts, each of which has a spinning nut on the inside, making it impossible to take it apart from the outside. Your guns are now safe from company, family, children, and intruders.

We always hear about tragedies after they happen. If we can help save one person's life, that will be so worth while! Take steps to be prepared today. Keep those guns locked away until you are ready to get to them.

  • Keep an unlimited number of guns safely out of the hands of others
  • Store valuables inside when out of town
  • Fit it into almost any space available
  • Spend no more than much smaller gun safes
  • Gain the advantage of using your safe during a violent storm, or a home intrusion

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Because the 3 In 1 Safe Roomis modular there are many options available that allow you to reduce your cost, and configure the unit to meet any unique needs.

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