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Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) Elevators

The Savaria Orion elevator is designed for limited use/limited application commercial applications. It is ideal for use in settings such as professional office buildings up to 3 stories, classroom and educational settings, and places where people congregate such as churches or synagogues.

This elevator has all the features you would expect in a high quality elevator. Automatic sliding doors, commercial fixtures, a smooth ride, and very quiet.

This elevator is is designed to fill the gap between a conventional elevator, and a vertical platform lift. ASME has written and adopted a special code specifically for LULA elevators - Known as A17.1 part XXV. The new IAC Illinois Accessibility code permits the use of LULA and is promoted by Capital Development Board. The application of LULA elevator is ideal where cost and space constraints are factors.


Applications Commercial LU/LA applications, residential
Capacity 1400 lb (635 kg)
Maximum travel distance 300", with up to 5 stops*
Cab sizes available 48" x 54", 42" x 60", 51" x 51", 54" x 54"**
(121.9 cm x 137.1 cm, 106.7 cm x 152.4 cm,
129.5 cm x 129.5 cm, 137.1 cm x 137.1 cm)
Speed 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s)
Drive 1:2 cable hydraulic, 5 hp submersed motor using
aircraft cable, rope wedge sockets
Power supply 208 volt, three phase, 30 amps, 60 Hz or
240 volt, single phase, 40 amps, 60 Hz
Warranty 36 months parts, ask for details
Door opening 36” x 80” (890 mm x 2030 mm) nominal
Pit depth required 14” (356 mm) minimum, 96” (2438 mm) maximum
Overhead clearance (minimum) 120” (3048 mm) – existing building
134” (3404 mm) – new building
Control system Single automatic push button
Floor selection Magnetic selector
Sub-floor material Masonite over plywood sub-floor
Cab finish Fire-rated steel panel cab interior in choice of white or black; optional laminate panel overlays available
Standard finishes Standard architectural white or black steel
Stainless steel Car Operating Panel (COP)
Handrail and stainless color trimmed light fixtures
Lighting supply 110 volts, 60 cycle, 15 amps
Standard features Fully automatic operation
Modular rail construction for easy installation
Automatic cab on/off interior lighting
Digital display on Car Operating Panel (COP)
Safety features Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting
Emergency stop and alarm buttons
Emergency manual lowering
Safety brakes

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