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Here are some features that make Harry & Bev’s life easier...
• Eliminates the need for a first floor laundry
• Provides method for injured or handicapped people to move from floor to floor
• Provides method for moving heavy equipment and office supplies between floors
• Virtually eliminates injuries from falling on stairs
• Provides method for moving laundry, heavy sleeping children, and other items between floors
• Good conversation starter
• Pets and kids love it!
• An elevator is a paradigm shift to your lifestyle!
• An elevator is a prestigious way to move your guests from floor to floor
Thank You Nu-Trend
— Harry & Bev Parr
Moline, IL
NuTrend offers the highest quality dumbwaiters in the industry. From our location in Moline we can service and install in all cities and counties surrounding Quad Cities. This dumbwaiter manufactured by Staying Home Corp. is made in the USA with American steel, it is designed in America, and all parts are American made. Parts are to Amercian standards, and the unit complies with American standards, ASME 17.1. Our dumbwaiters are the only dumbwaiters that operate on a 6x6 12 volt battery. You can run up to 20 cycles in a power outage. The batteries are guaranteed for one year, and we our local serve technicians can replace them for you. The other parts, including the circuit boards, are guaranteed for 3 years, and the motor, gear, rack, and track are guaranteed for 7 years. This is the best warranty in the industry.

Other reasons to consider our dumbwaiters include no cable to break or get slack lock ups common on other brands. This unit runs on rack and pinion track that only needs light lubrication whenever the batteries are due to be replaced. And we will take care of that for you when we replace the battery.

The weight capacity is 200 pounds. And we also offer an upgrade to 260 pounds. If your requirements are commercial or for heavy loads such as groceries our dumbwaiters will get the job done without undue stress on the mechanisms, resulting in fewer if any service calls.

In those rare instances when the unit fails to function properly there is an on-board diagnostic trouble shooting LED light to tell you where to look. NuTrend's technicians can walk you through it or make a call to your location at your option.

Call NuTrend today for a free consultation. We will examine your space or prints, make a recommendation, quote you a very competitive price, and charge you nothing for the visit. It's free, and you have no obligations.

Call us today at (309)797-4647 for any questions you may have, to schedule a visit, or to place an order. We appreciate your consideration, and your business.