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Just an example of what you can expect from NuTrend if you allow us to supply your home elevator

At NuTrend our goal is to make you happy with anything you buy from us, and anything we service for you.

The superb products that we offer, such as this home elevator with all of these wonderful options, enable us to match a solution to your home's decor just the way you want.

Designer Model

Unfinished Birch veneer walls
Stainless fixtures
Recessed lights
Also in oak, alder, maple, and white laminate

Photo shown with:
40"x54" car
Unfinished birch veneer walls & ceiling
Birch Handrail
Brushed brass operating panel
Brushed brass phone box

The Estate
Oak wall panels
Hardwood trim
Solid wood handrail
Brushed stainless or muntz fixtures
(2) 4” recessed down lights
Oak walls finished natural, medium, dark
cherry, walnut, birch, maple and mahogany

Photo shown with:
40” x 40” car
Maple, natural finish
4-panel walls & maple ceiling
(2) 4” down lights, chrome trim rings
(2) Brushed stainless steel flat handrails

Metal options for all elevators at right

Estate Limited Model

Hand finished cherry wood interior
Walls and ceiling cherry hardwood
(4) 4” recessed down lights
Brushed stainless steel or muntz fixtures
Wood options: birch, oak, maple, walnut, mahogany
Matching wood arched valence

Photo shown with:
36” x 60” car
Cherry, with special cherry stain
4-panel walls & ceiling
(4) 4” down lights, polished brasstrim rings
Polished brass kick plate
Polished brass operating panel
Polished brass phone box

Handrail options for all elevators shown at right

Custom Model

This raised panel model allows you to design your own elevator with all of the custom options

Photo shown with:
54” x 40” car
Raised 4-panel bird’s eye maple
with walnut trim walls & ceiling
(4) 4” down lights, chrome trim
Brushed stainless operating panel
Integrated phone
Emergency light
Floor shows neutral carpet
(not supplied)

Light ring options shown at right
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