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Should I Install a Stair Lift Myself?

If you consider yourself handy it is almost certain that this will be your first time installing a stair lift. If that were only one of many considerations it would always top the list. You will make mistakes, and in some cases they can be extraordinarily harmful. Failing for example, to connect a single safety snap can stop the footrest from stopping if anything gets in between the next step and the edge. A mangled foot can be the result. We know you want to save as much money as is practical, but this is not the place to save.

It is also easy to make a critical mistake that can leave you with a stair lift that doesn’t work quite right or at all. We think safety is paramount. It makes sense to rely on a certified professional who has the training and experience install your lift properly. We think it is far better to have NuTrend install your stair lift rather than pay for injuries or repairs.

When shopping around for the perfect local installation company, here are a few important questions to ask:

  • Are your technicians factory trained and certified? If the answer is yes, then their work should be guaranteed, which provides you with an extra level of security and protection. The work we do at NuTrend is guaranteed. And we are there for you if and when you need service.
  • How many hours of training has my technician completed? We have successfully installed hundreds of stir lifts over the years.
  • Is your dealer familiar with the the make and model that I purchase? At NuTrend we only handle the best quality stair lifts available anywhere. A stair lift is simply not an item that can be made with cheap foreign parts or non-skilled labor. It's your safety at stake.
  • What recourse do I have if I am not totally satisfied with the installation process? NuTrend will stay with you until you are happy, and we do not have customers that are not happy with their installations.

Don’t be afraid to call us at your convenience to ask questions. NiTrend is interested in your business and more than happy to provide you with information. We also measure your stair way for free, and provide you with a free assessment of your stairway in the process. Call us today.