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Straight Stair Lifts

A stairway lift, sometimes called a chair lift, safely and gently carries the passenger along the stairs. And, if the individual cannot operate the stairway lift themselves, remote controls or hand-held pendant controls ensure the stairway lift is easy for a caregiver to use for support as well. Stairway lifts are available in straight, curve or spiral applications

Our stairway lifts are very dependable pieces of equipment. They are available in AC power and also battery power. The stairway lift features padded upholstery, provides smooth quiet ride, it requires a standard 110 outlet for power, when not in use the stairway lift can be folded so it takes up minimal space on the stairs. The arms, seat and footrest fold up, when in the folded position it takes up approximately 12" on the stairs. All of our stairway lifts feature a seat that swivels at the upper landing, turning the rider away from the stairs to safely and confidently exit the stairway lift. The unit does come with call/send controls so if more than one person in the home use the stairway lift it can be used and then returned to the original position so it can be used by multiple users, or stored at the level where it would be out of the way.

It's more affordable than you may think. And, when compared to the expense and hassle of moving, the stairway lift means that your loved one can confidently remain in their home, in the surroundings they feel more comfortable in.

Nu-Trend Accessibility Systems sells, installs and services the equipment we sell. All of our employees are factory trained and certified for the equipment we sell. You can always count on professional installation, prompt service and post-installation maintenance.