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Main Factors in Choosing a Stair Lift

If you are exploring the possibility of purchasing a stair lift for the first time, it can seem overwhelming. A stair lift is an important investment that will become an important part of your everyday life. Of course you want to make sure that you choose the best model to fit your home, your specific needs and your budget. Fortunately, a little information can go a long way in helping you become familiar with available models and narrowing down your choices.

Stairwell Size and Specifications

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the size and shape of your existing stairwell. Stair lifts are a great option for improving mobility because they don’t require any major modifications to your home. The entire track and chair attach directly to your stairs, without putting any extra stress on your walls or studs. While stair lifts are designed to be versatile, that doesn’t mean that every model will work with your home. Here are a few home design characteristics that will need to be taken under consideration:

  • Do you have a straight or curved staircase?
  • How many stairs does your staircase have?
  • What is the width of your staircase?
  • What side of the staircase should the lift be installed on?

If you aren’t confident in the accuracy of your measurements, just call us. We measure your staircase for free. You can depend on our professional, certified, service people to accurately complete this job.