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Mobility Automobile Adaptations

Hand Controls

Our Driving Hand Control System by Automobility is the best quick attach permanent hand control system in the world. Absolutely no vehicle modifications. Quick installation.

Transfer Seat Bases

Power Transfer Seat Bases allow you to power swivel and also provide up/down movement.

Turning Automotive Seating
Provides you with a swivel base to rotate the seat fully out to the outboard position. With the press of a button on a hand-held pendant, the seat automatically turns out to the desired position.

Pedal Extenders

We have pedal extenders for both the gas and the brake pedals. Requires no drilling. Quick installation.

Mini-Touch Control Pad

The Mini Touch is a compact steering mounted control pad/steering knob, which allows easy access to 6 to 12 vehicle control functions, such as wipers, turn signals, horn, high beam/low beam, and many others. Original controls remain fully functional for other drivers.

Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

The left foot gas pedal was developed to enable physically limited persons to drive their own vehicles. It incorporates the same method of operation as does the standard accelerator pedal.

Wheelchair Restraint Systems

The EZ Lock wheelchair restraint system is a simple and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle. It consists of two main components, the base lock and the wheelchair mounted interface.

The lock receives the wheelchair mounted interface and holds it securely. Once you have reached your destination, the wheelchair may be released with the touch of a conveniently located switch.

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