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Safe Rooms

The 3 In 1 Safe Room Why do we call it the 3 in 1? Well, it's the only safe room that also serves as a storm shelter, and when we fit it with an optional combo and keypad lock it becomes a gun and valuables safe.

Let's talk about using the 3 In 1 Safe Room
as a safe room. The 3 In 1 Safe Room is an innovative, space-saving place of refuge. To save space one option is to fold it up to only 17 inches off a wall when not in use. It can be quickly and easily deployed in just a few seconds, should the need arise. A much less expensive option is to set it up as a stationary room. Because it is modular it can fit almost any space. We even have a corner model.

Consider. The alarm goes off in your home during the night. Your spouse is out of town traveling on business. You quickly get out of bed, and enter your 3 In 1 Safe Room
. It has a window in it, a phone, and your guns since it serves as a gun safe as well. Oh yes, it serves as a valuables safe also, so the intruders will have slim pickings outside the 3 In 1 Safe Room. You call the police from inside the 3 In 1Safe Room, but they are not prompt in arriving.

Not to worry. Nothing gets in this baby. Not even bullets. The modular panels are put together with steel bolts that feature a spinning nut on the inside, preventing anyone from the outside from removing the wall sections. The glass is stronger than the steel when it comes to bullets so if the intruders are dumb enough to shoot at the 3 In 1 Safe Room
it may ricochet back around them, but it won't get in. Be sure to place a small chair, and a good book, inside so you can relax while the police make their way to your home. When the police arrive you might be able to give them a description since you could see out of the window.

Various sizes are available to accommodate a different number of people in your home, business or school. Traditional units usually take up too much space, and are difficult and expensive to ship. The 3 In 1 Safe Room™ solves both of these problems. We are very excited about how this unit provides a safe haven in places where it was not feasible before, due to either space or cost considerations. This is a perfect residential product.

Whether you have a condo, apartment, school, or business, this product will work for you on many levels. If you need a less expensive option and have the space for a fixed unit, we have this option available.

We always hear about tragedies after they happen. If we can help save one person's life, that will be so worth while! Take steps to be prepared today.
The solution to school security we’ve all been looking for This 3 In 1 Safe Room provides complete protection, even from military grade weapons. It is fast, convenient, low-tech, reliable and effective. Our safe room can protect an entire classroom – not just a single person. Using this shelter does not involve more guns as part of the solution and no armed guards which means no ongoing expenses for salaries for security guards. This is a one-time capital improvement cost and a low maintenance - which is great for your budget.

The Hide-Away Safe Room can provide safe haven for students, faculty and staff in the event of an armed intruder. It installs in the front of a classroom, behind the whiteboard or projection screen, and only takes up 17 inches of floor space from the wall. In the event of an event, it can be deployed in just seconds. It is capable of holding an entire classroom: up to 25 students and a teacher. The doors are locked from the inside of the shelter to prevent an intruder from gaining access. The unit is made of ballistic steel capable of withstanding a 30 caliber armor piercing round – the same material often used in military grade equipment.

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