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Should I Buy My Stair Lift Online?

We think the internet is a perfect place to do your research, but a poor choice for making an internet direct purchase. The risk is simply too great. Yours, or your family member's, safety is under consideration. It is simply too easy to make mistakes. When you have local dealers like NuTrend who are willing to send certified professional to your home for free, how much sense does it make to guess at solutions for which you have no experience?

There are a lot of very important considerations when buying a stair lift. Althouth they may appear to be relatively simple, these machines feature components that are meant to address the unique needs of the user, and be compatible with stairway designs. All too often we see where someone has pressed the “Purchase” button and ended up with an injury or a stair lift that doesn’t work. Returning a stair lift to an on line site will cost freight both ways, a handling fee, and a re-stocking fee. If you add it up, the risk you take will extend far beyond what you would otherwise expect. Read the fine print or ask.

When you make your purchase at NuTrend you will rest well with the knowledge that you will get the very best solution for your unique requirements. It will be guaranteed, in most cases for life, it will work well, your installation will not soil your home, and all the safety concerns will be operative from the start. You will not pay freight, handling, or any other bait and switch fees. One price will not only cover it all, but that price will be competitive with anything you can get on the internet when it is all said and done.

The absolute best way to ensure that you get the perfect stair lift for you, your home and your budget is to call and speak with us. We are good at what we do, we are local, and we have hundreds of neighbors that will vouch for the quality of the experience you will receive. Call NuTrend today, and let us prove our value to you. It's free, and we think it may be the best decision you will make anytime soon.